New to Gyms or Exercise?

shutterstock_382697113That’s the first step, you’ve made it this far!

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle. You may be worried about your health prospects or just keen to shed a few pounds. Our gym and sports centre users are all shapes and sizes, all different ages, all there for different reasons and they all started somewhere. If your need for exercise is related to health then click here for some advice.

Our gym staff will happily help you out and explain how the various pieces of equipment work and they’ll also ask you what your objectives are. They’ll advise you on what to start with depending on what you want to achieve.¬†You’re more than welcome to come for a look around, just give us a call as to when to expect you.

personal trainingIf you want ongoing help, motivation and advice we have personal trainers (click here).

If you would be happier exercising in a group then we hold fitness classes that are free to members (click here). Or you might want to start using the gym with a friend. We have special offer that means that two of you can have your first month’s membership for the price of one (click here).

Our Sports Hall is available for sports like badminton or five a side football. Click here for details regarding hiring the space or joining clubs that already hire our hall and pitches.

shutterstock_244732990Our membership is very reasonably priced and paid month by month, with no joining fee or contract, so it is easy for you to give it a try with no long term financial commitment.

We hope you make the most of your interest in exercise and the health benefits it can bring and we look forward to seeing you soon.