Bring a Friend for Free

friends schemeIf you are new to gyms, or exercise in general, it helps to have someone share the experience with you. You can learn together and learn from each other. It also helps to keep you motivated if going to the gym is a social experience as well as physical one.

That’s why we have a special offer if you want to bring a friend. For the first month we’ll let you bring a friend for free (and you can split the cost between you).

Our gym membership is reasonably priced (click here for details) , we have free parking and there is no joining fee or odious contract. You just pay once a month in advance. You can set up a direct debit if you wish or we’ll take cash every month. You can cancel at any time with no penalty…just don’t pay for the next month. You can also come back any time and reinstate your membership.

Click here for details of our membership. If you want to take advantage of our ‘Bring a Friend for Free’ scheme you’ll need to contact us to arrange it.¬†You can call 020 8394 3133 (3pm to 9pm) or email